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Nautical Notes / What do you want to have with you just in case things don't go as planned?

It is not always possible to conveniently store basic items on board a boat that will offer comfort in adverse conditions or help in an emergency. Having these items in an easily transportable duffel bag with your own Personal Flotation Device (life jacket) may help you avoid a life threatening situation and aid in your personal comfort.


  • You may be exposed for prolonged periods to sun, wind, rain or cold temperatures. What will keep you comfortable so you can be attentive while operating your boat? (sun screen, a hat, sunglasses, foul weather gear...)
  • Don't just carry a first aid kit, bring along prescription medicine and other personal care items you may need.
    An AM Radio can provide more than entertainment on the water.
    It provides a way of getting weather information (even hearing the static caused by approaching storms is an indicator).
  • It can also serve as a direction finder (by rotating the radio you can determine the direction of the strongest signal coming from the tower.)
  • Mechanical emergencies can be frightening when you don't have tools and spare parts. Talk to experienced service personnel about what parts and tools you should carry for your boat (spark plugs, sheer pins, even a spare propeller).

Hopefully you'll never have to use a lot of these duffel bag supplies. But there may come a time when you'll be very glad you have them with you.

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